So Much to Accomplish

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Thu, 01/17/2013 - 10:06pm -- Ashley


 Busy, busy, busy. Did I say busy? That can sum up the past two days for me.  I must admit, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  These past few days have provided me with enormous amounts of information, and I’m am sure it will take months to truly process it all. 

                  For yesterday, the group was instructed to visit one of our representative’s office.  We decided to visit Joe Manchin’s office and ended up having time to visit Jay Rockefeller’s. Upon arriving at Manchin’s office, we were greeted by friendly staff.  They were excited to meet us, and their personalities made me feel like I was in West Virginia again.  The defensive somewhat hostile personality that seems to surround most individuals in D.C. was a world away in this room.    I must admit I am the type of individual who gets overly excited at the most minute thing.  My day could not have been made more even if someone had tried to make me happy.  An individual, whose name I wish I knew, inquired about where everyone resided.  After responding, it shocked me to learn that he was from Dingess, West Virginia, meaning that he had roots in the same general area that I did.  Both of our roots seemed to have planted themselves in Mingo County.  It was then that reality smacked me in the face, and while I was seeing stars, I realized that we never know where life will take us.  It is exciting to know that where you’re from does not limit where you can go.  I’ve never felt more confident in my life. 

                Today the speaker Grover Norquist truly stirred trouble.  Well perhaps not for all, but for many.  While I have my own political beliefs, he reaffirmed the notion that I should never let anyone get under my skin for believing differently.  His tactics were a bit theatrical, and I must admit I enjoyed listening to him, despite disagreeing with his overly ideological point of view.  The reception at the National Press Club allowed me to be in the same area that many influential individuals have previously been.  It was exciting, and the speaker, Owen Ullman, provided the audience with an overview on media consumption.   

                This trip is more than I could have ever dreamed.  I’m starting to step out of my shell; I’m learning that I am much more than I ever thought I could be.