Life is a Journey

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Mon, 01/14/2013 - 7:54pm -- Ashley


I truly can say that it has been a rather lengthy day. However, I have enjoyed it tremendously.  Today provided me with the learning experience I’ve anxiously awaited.  Today I realized I know next to nothing about politics.  Today I officially appreciated firsthand the wonderful opportunity I have been granted.

                The two speakers that provided me with the most information regarding current political affairs were David Welna and Ken Walsh.  As they spoke, I found myself eagerly taking notes.  It felt as though my hand was moving effortlessly recording the pertinent information.   Here I was not in a classroom, yet I was taking notes as if my life depended on it.  I felt this desire to be more informed rise in me, and I couldn’t digest the information rapidly enough.  Welna and Walsh covered topics such as gun control laws, fiscal cliff, polarization of the political parties, etc. I found myself hanging on to every last word, consuming the information as though I would never have the opportunity to learn again.  It was invigorating.

                The most influential speaker was Eugene Kang.  Being 28, Kang speech resonated strongly with the audience.  He told us about his experiences, and how he went from an English major contemplating law school to the Confidential Assistant to the President.  This was monumental to me, and as I glanced around the room, it seemed that everyone was tuned into his speech.  His mannerisms were relatable; he did not display arrogance.  His story showed me every opportunity that presents itself one should take.  I’ll never know where the roads on this journey called life will take me. I’m just excited to be on this ride.

                The more I navigate D.C. the easier it seems to be.  The metro did not seem as daunting today as it was yesterday, and I know by the end of the trip I will be slightly comfortable using the metro system.  Not only have I learned a lot from The Washington Center, but I have learned a lot of the culture of D.C. Everyone appears to be in a rush.  People appear to dress more professional, although one would expect this.  The cultural differences between my home and D.C. are tremendous.  The city is a wonderful place to be and the culture does seem unique.  I do miss the slower pace of life in Varney, WV, but I appreciate the differences.  It is intriguing to see how vast and diverse the United States is.  It is wonderful to be able to experiences these differences first hand for the next few days.