This Is Only the Beginning

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Sat, 01/12/2013 - 9:53pm -- Ashley


         Excitement, nervousness, and even fear pulsed through my veins as I woke up thinking about this experience.  I glanced at my alarm clock; it seemed to glare right back at me. 6:57 it said.  Although I would have loved to have slept until my 9:30 alarm, it seemed that my body had kicked into overdrive and had other plans for me. I was instantly awake; sad to say I was not instantly ready to get moving.  Once I did get moving it seemed that this trip couldn’t come soon enough! I was ready to get this show on the road.

         Once my ride had arrived, I placed my stuff in the vehicle.  On the way there small talk was made, but I mainly kept any nervous thoughts at bay by listening to music.  It soothed me, and I reassured myself that I can do this, that I can overcome my fears and have wonderful experiences.  I continued to glance out the window as the scenery changed and morphed into an environment completely different from what I’m accustomed to.  I secretly wish for the hills that seem to keep me safe to reappear, but in reality I was thankful to have my security blanket removed.  I have learned in life if you’re comfortable you may not be learning everything that is available.  I expect this to be an extreme learning experience.

          Once we arrived at the Solaire, we were greeted by the staff from the Washington Center.  Each and every one of them was exceptionally polite and courteous.  My initial impression was a wonderful one, and gladly I admit that they put my fears away.  I received my keys and some other fancy stuff, which I better not lose.  I made my way to my room, and was overly joyed to find that my roommate from college would be staying in the same room as me. This made me feel more at home.

            In the apartment I had a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz moment.  I realized that I wasn’t at Fairmont anymore.  The apartments are far nicer than expected, and although it causes me to feel out of place, I’m lucky to consider this home for a few days.  This is probably the closest to living like a King or shall I say Queen I’ll ever experience.  I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to see what is next!