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As a reminder, this site will begin accepting RSVPs in April of 2014.  Please feel free to review the information below at this time, but remember to check back for updates and to officially RSVP.

The Welcome Weekend event has been designed for all student types, including commuters.  In fact, all students are expected to attend.  The Fall Orientation program being held the afternoon of Friday, August 15th is particularly important and includes final opportunities to wrap up loose ends before the semester commences Monday morning.  Students will be expected to Check-In for the program (a time and location for which will be provided on this site in April 2014).

In addition to key campus offices being open, the Bookstore will be operational and food will be plentiful to enjoy.  Students will furthermore be trained on course tools such as Blackboard and will be specifically oriented to their assigned academic unit by their own dean and faculty members (a very different process than that which students experience at Summer Orientation). 

Information crucial to each student’s success (regardless of age, student type or major) will be covered in-depth.  And, the preparation does not stop there – on Saturday and Sunday, informative sessions continue, surrounded by entertainment and activities for all to enjoy.  Prizes will be plentiful!  Come out that weekend and get connected – to us and to your peers.  The more comfortable you feel as the semester begins, the more likely you are to find success!

In order to officially RSVP, please revisit this page in April '14.  At that time, you will complete and submit an electronic RSVP form and will receive a digital (as well as hard copy via postal mail) confirmation packet.