Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Alcohol has long been the drug of choice among U.S. college students who drink at higher rates than their non-college counterparts.  Student drinking is the number one health problem on college and university campuses throughout the Nation.  Alcohol contributes to a range of problems among college students, including academic problems, trauma, date rape, DUI, and vandalism.

Academic Problems

Alcohol is associated with missed classes and poor performance on tests and projects. The number of alcoholic drinks per week is clearly related to lower GPA's.  In the Core Alcohol and Drug survey of 56,000 college students, students who reported D and F grade point averages consumed an average of 11 alcoholic drinks per week, while those who earned mostly A's consumed only 3 drinks.


College students are at a higher risk for alcohol-related problems because they have high rates of heavy consumption, tend to drink more recklessly than others, are vulnerable to other risks that are exacerbated by alcohol (e.g., suicide, automobile crashes and falls), and are heavily targeted by the advertising and promotions of the alcoholic beverage industry.

Date Rape

Date rape is very common on today's campuses.  Too often in cases of date rape, alcohol has played a major role.  In men, alcohol releases their inhibitions and they tend to say and do things that they normally wouldn't say or do.  They tend to be more open and forward with women which can lead to a serious situation.  With women, when they are under the influence they may tend to make decisions that they wouldn't make if sober.  If the two mingle throughout the night, a situation could evolve that they both will wish never happened.


One of the more serious non-felony crimes that can be committed today is driving under the influence of an intoxicant.  This crime has claimed many innocent lives in the past and is socially unacceptable.  When you are caught for a DUI you lose your license for a period of time, spend time in jail and pay hefty fines.  This is if you're lucky and didn't wreck!  If and when you find yourself in a situation where you have been drinking and need to get from one place to another, call a cab, call a friend or walk,  I just isn't worth it!


Another problem that can occur as a result of alcohol consumption is vandalism.  People tend to lose their common sense when they drink and sometimes their respect for other people and their property.  At the time, it seems fun to destroy a window or vandalize a car, but when you wake up the next day with hefty fines and repair costs, you will soon realize that it wasn't much fun at all.


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