Disability Services - Documentation Guidelines

In order to qualify for services offered by the Office of Disability Services, a student should provide official documentation to a member of our staff at the initial meeting. The student’s disability should be diagnosed by a qualified professional and include a clear statement of the student’s disability. It is preferable that the documentation include the student’s needs, the impact the disability has on the student, and recommendations for reasonable accommodations. It is also helpful for a student to bring Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) and testing results to the initial meeting when available.      

Contact Info

Turley Student Services Center
Suite 316

Phone: (304) 333-3661
TTY: (304) 367-4906

Andrea Pammer
Director of Counseling & Disability Services
Turley Student Services Center
Room 316G
Phone: (304) 367-4686
1-800-641-5678 Ext.8

Amy Snively
Academic Coach/Program Specialist
Turley Student Services Center
Room 316C
Phone: (304) 367-4651

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