Academy for the Arts - Course Descriptions

Music Preparatory Department

Let’s Explore Music. Has your child expressed an interest in music? Would they like to learn how to play instrument but you aren’t sure they will like it? This camp is a chance to explore different instruments and beginning music theory!  During this fun-filled 5 week class, your child will learn basic rhythms, dynamics, note learning, and music terminology, along with fun music games!  In addition to getting some basic music knowledge, your child will have the opportunity to choose an instrument for the 5 weeks to sample. They will have their choice of piano, guitar, or violin! No experience needed, and instruments are provided for this 5 week class. We will accept students with 0-1 year experience on piano, guitar, or violin.

Guitar Ensemble. Guitar Ensemble is open to guitar students who have reached an intermediate level of playing. Students will learn to play a variety of music as a group and have the opportunity to perform. Registrants are required to own a guitar and have the ability to tune it, preferably with an electronic tuner. Guitar ensemble students must be able to read standard staff notation in the first position and be familiar with rhythmic patterns that include dotted note values and triplets.

Commercial Music Repertoire Class.   This class is designed to expand the contemporary music repertoire of the singer. Students will recieve training in various popular musical styles such as pop, rock, country, and jazz. Singers will also gain historic insight into these genres, and be taught the basics of vocal pedagogy and healthy techniques for contemporary singing.

Theatre Preparatory Department

Youth Company The Teen Actor.    This class is dedicated to helping teens understand the techniques behind acting. Students will learn how to create a character, circumstance, and how to connect to an acting partner. Through improvisation, storytelling, and other theatre activities, the teen actor will learn the basic fundamentals to begin their journey to be the actor they wish to be.

Youth Company Intro to Puppetry and Mask Making.   Puppets are a flexible tool to use in the theatre because they are not limited to human restrictions.  Because a puppeteer is required to move the permanent features of a puppet, the puppeteer needs to understand how to portray action and emotion in their puppet. Through building and operating puppets, students will learn about character and movement for the stage that they can then use themselves in future acting endeavors.  There is a $15 materials fee for this class.

Youth Company Creative Play.    Come play with us! Immerse your child in a world of creativity through play, movement, song, and dance while developing fundamental skills. During this session young artists will explore the world around them with the help of their ‘pretending muscles’. This class helps to enhance creative expression and nurture the young artist through the help of silly songs, games and activities.  

Youth Company Play Makers Reaching for the Stars!     Recipes for play building- Our experienced teachers will take your child on a magical adventure and help them cook up some fun! All children will connect through the power of story, wonder and inspiration that is creating a play through this high energy course. Travel with us on a journey through character, action, improvisation, creative writing, storytelling, and making. This course will result in a short play, written, performed, and produced by the children in the course. Join us on a wild ride through our imaginations as we enter the world of play writing and storytelling!

Visual Art Preparatory Department

Explorers of the World Sculpture Academy.   Meaningful child-centered experiences that develop artistic behaviors, critical and creative thinking, and art production. Children learn to explore, imagine, and discover in their own unique ways as we help them on their path to becoming the creators, innovators, and problem-solvers of the future. As we explore the world around us through studio projects children learn a new language centered on art and design and the importance of these practices. The children’s creativity will be cultivated through multiple art media with a strong emphasis on sculpture.  

Mommy/Daddy and Me Art Class.   Collaborate with your child in the creation of art through the exploration of various art mediums such as painting and printmaking. Parents and children will work together to create masterpieces and build meaningful relationships through the creation of art together.  Art created in this class will be great additions to the walls of your home where you and your child will be able to enjoy and cherish the memories of your creations.  Tailored to students knowledge base from beginner to advanced.

Digital Art Making:  Private Lessons in Digital Art Making include learning skillsets in Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Premiere and Encore CS5 and Adobe Flash CS5. Individual lessons are tailored to students knowledge base from beginner to advanced. Click the following link to see what is being offered this summer.