Required Courses for M. Ed. and Professional Certificate: (18 hours)

ONLR 6800 - Introduction to Online Learning (3 hours – Required and a pre requisite for all other courses)

This course provides an overview of online learning.  Topics include: characteristics of online learners, requirements for online instructors, and basic elements of an online program.   The course acquaints faculty with the online class environment from a student perspective, and assists faculty who may have limited computer skills to improve their ability to work online. Participants demonstrate their skill levels by demonstrating competencies in areas such as interacting asynchronously and synchronously, submitting assignments and other related online course skills. 

ONLR 6801 - Online Course Management Strategies (3 hours – Required)

This course provides instructors with the tools needed to manage an online course.  Online classes pose unique communication and course management problems for faculty. At the same time technology provides means of assisting faculty online that are not normally available in the classroom. This course surveys problems associated with online course management, with an emphasis on the need for careful planning and communication. Strategies are provided to help to streamline the management process, improve communication with students, and eliminate inefficient expenditures of faculty time.

ONLR  6802 - Instructional Design for Online Course Development (3 hours – Required)

This course explores the key elements of an online program focusing on the instructional design of courseware for the Web and special requirements of online curriculum.  The course explores various teaching and learning styles and provides models to improve teaching and maximize learning in a student centered online environment. Participants will work individually and collaboratively to explore various means of presenting content in their disciplines to accommodate diverse populations of online learning styles.

ONLR 6803 - Online Assessment Techniques (3 hours – Required)

This course addresses various assessment formats that can be used for evaluating students in the online environment.   Emphasis is placed on matching the learning goals and objectives to assessment methods.  Participants will work individually and collaboratively to explore various means of assessing online learners.  In addition, students will be given the opportunity to apply online assessment techniques to their own area of interest.

ONLR  6804 - Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues for Educators (3 hours – Required)

Explores Intellectual Property law and Fair Use Guidelines as they relate to the Internet in Academic contexts. Emphasis is placed on the TEACH act and the role faculty play in assuring they meet the guidelines identified by the TEACH act.
ONLR 6806 - Online Course Development Project or Practicum (3 hours – Required)

In this culminating course, students will apply the knowledge and skills they acquired in the other courses.  Students will demonstrate their practical knowledge of online course design and creation by incorporating appropriate roles for faculty and students, choosing technology suitable to the audience, creating and assigning effective summative and formative online assessments, demonstrating the communicative nature of online courses, and following sound online design principles. Practicum participants are expected to produce a module for an online class, a series of written documents or presentations that describe in detail how they are applying the skills and knowledge they received in previous classes.

Additional Courses required for Degree: (18 hours)

ONLR 6808 Tech Tools in Learning (3 hours)

This course addresses various technology tools to be used for online courses.  The course is designed to provide students opportunities to apply online technology tools to their particular areas of interest in online course development. 

EDUC 6301 - Research in Education (3 hours)

Instruction in the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to understand and design research as applied to teaching and learning and other applied contexts with an emphasis on methodology, including statistical analysis and computer applications.

EDUC 6305 - Advanced EducationalTechnology and Media (3 hours)

Advanced study of the design, development and integration of educational technology and media for teaching, learning and personal productivity including principles of multi-media design and production and web-based formats.

EDUC 6395 - Action Research in Education (3 hours)

Action Research in Education focuses on the development and implementation of a research design using action research or basic applied research methodology. Through this course, the student will develop artifacts that support competence in teaching and research. The course prepares graduate students in the M.Ed. programs to design, implement and disseminate the results of an Action Research project in a professional setting.

2 Graduate Level Electives (6 hours)


Note:  All required and elective program specific (ONLR) courses outlined are offered in an 8-week intensive format.  The additional required Master level sequence of courses (EDUC 6301, 6305, 6395, and Graduate Electives) follow the traditional semester-based calendar.

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