What is TaskStream?

TaskStream is the School of Education, Health and Human Performance online customizable, electronic portfolio, assessment management and performance based instruction tool. For the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) college accreditation, as well as Field Experience student evaluation purposes, and specific student assignments are to be evaluated based on a faculty developed rubric associated with the WV Professional Teaching Standards, CEC Standard(s) or IRA Standard(s) addressed by each assignment. It also provides a way for teacher candidates, professors, supervisors, and host/cooperating teachers to connect with each other to share feedback to improve your practice.

The electronic submission of the Assignments to TaskStream serves two purposes.  First, it serves as a college accreditation data collection and storage site, as instructors evaluate each student’s Assignment in connection with the NCATE performance based outcomes. The NCATE outcomes incorporate the CEC standards for special education teachers and IRA standards reading teachers. Fairmont State University’s School of Education, Health and Human Performance must collect this data every semester. Therefore, EVERY student taking a School of Education, Health and Human Performance course IS REQUIRED to upload and submit their assignment to TaskStream for evaluation (even if only one or two courses is being taken for professional recertification, as an elective, or part of an undergraduate minor). Second, it provides a platform for those Education students seeking their degree and/or licensure to build an electronic portfolio.  

Assignments for courses or Artifacts for the electronic portfolio are required from all courses, as well as, artifacts that reflect the Conceptual Framework of the School of Education.

What all can I do with TaskStream?
  • Create an electronic portfolio

  • Create lesson plans

  • Create instructional units

  • Create rubrics

  • Email lesson plans and portfolios to faculty instructors

  • Set up a personal calendar

  • Create a resource folio to store you documents online

How do I find TaskStream?

TaskStream can be accessed from the "Connect to TaskStream" link on your Blackboard homepage.
How do I subscribe to TaskStream?
Students are required to buy a subscription to TaskStream when they enroll at Fairmont State University and declare Pre-Elementary or Pre-Secondary as their major or enroll in any course in the School of Education, Health and Human Performance. TaskStream accounts range from one semester to six years. If the student chooses a major outside of the School of Education, they will not be required to maintain an active subscription to TaskStream. Students who choose education as their major will be required to renew their subscription for the remainder of time until they graduate. This account is a "textbook" for all education students during their tenure at the School of Education, Health and Human Performance at Fairmont State University and is required for the completion of key assessment necessary for certification.

To enroll in TaskStream, the student will pay by debit or credit card directly to TaskStream. Directions for purchasing your TaskStream account can be found on the Blackboad component of all School of Education courses, through the bookstore, or clicking the downloadable link below.
For students logging into TaskStream for the FIRST TIME, please note that these instructions will need to be followed in order to succeed. Failure to follow these instructions will result in unnecessary confusion, frustration and delays in submitting your work.
All TaskStream student account usernames will be fs_youruca. (Example: your uca is jdoe your TaskStream UserID will be fs_jdoe). All students must use their FSU email account to successfully set up their account in TaskStream.
What do I do when my TaskStream subscription expires?
When your TaskStream subscription expires, you will receive a message upon logging in through your Blackboard account. Select the "Renew Subscription" and renew your subscription with a debit or credit card. When renewing your subscription, be sure to use the same username and password so that all of your previously uploaded documents can be viewed. 
What if I forget my username or password?
In the event that you forget your username and password, call TaskStream at 1-800-311-5656 and choose option 1, Mentoring Services, and they will assist you.
How do I find my DRF on TaskStream?
All students enrolled in classes in the School of Education will have a DRF assigned to their TaskStream site. To find your course, login to your TaskStream account. Under the HOME tab, you will see your assigned courses.
If you do not find your assigned course in your TaskStream site, check with your course instructor for assistance.

Glossary of Common TaskStream Terms

DRF: Direct Response Folio (aka Special Education Portfolio in TaskStream). This where students find their courses and will upload and submit their assignments for evaluation in TaskStream.

Author: Student submitting assignments via TaskStream for evaluation.

Evaluator: Instructor evaluating submitted assignments via TaskStream.

Assignment (aka Required Artifacts): A specific required assignment, presentation or project, determined by the School of Education, Health and Human Performance Faculty, which best demonstrates Diversity and Technology connected to each course. While used as part of a student’s assessment, it serves a dual purpose for NCATE data collection.

How do I learn to use TaskStream?

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