Students in the School of Business are recognized by receiving one of the following awards or scholarships. These include:

  • Outstanding Senior in Accounting
  • Outstanding Senior in Business Administration
  • Outstanding Senior in Information Systems Management
  • Stanley & Mary Beafore  Scholarship
  • Dustin M. Burdoff Foundation Award
  • Conley CPA Group. Accounting Excellence Award
  • Dream, Succeed & Lead
  • Glenn A. Harman Accounting Excellence Scholarship
  • Donald L. Hoylman Impact Scholarship
  • Mary B. and Edgar N. Jaynes Endowed Scholarship
  • George E. Lambert Family Endowed Fund for Education
  • LeDonne Family Accounting Scholarship
  • Emily Leaf Nichols Alumni Scholarship
  • Anthony J. and Josephine Pitrolo Endowed Scholarship
  • Woodrow A. Potesta Scholarship of Accounting
  • John and Nancy Raley School of Business Scholarship
  • Frank and Florence Sansalone Scholarship
  • Louis Schoolnic Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert (Buck) Thompson Family Scholarship
  • WesBanco Business Endowed Scholarship
  • WesBanco Business Graduate Degree Endowed Scholarship

Submit your School of Business Scholarship Application to the School of Business office in Room 111, Jaynes Hall by 4:00 pm on March 6, 2015. 

For further information on these scholarships or awards, contact the School of Business in Room 111 Jaynes Hall or by telephone at 304-367-4261 or by e-mail.


Contact Information

Dr. Richard Harvey, Dean
School of Business
Room 111A Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4395
FAX: 304.367.4613