Blankenship, Joseph 2008
Coordinator of Information Systems Management Department, Director, IBM Academic Initiative, Associate Professor Of Information Systems, Graduate Faculty B.S. B.A. Robert Morris University, D. Sc. Robert Morris University
Office: ET 201-F
Phone: 304-367-4954
Cassell, Macgorine 1992
Professor of Business Administration, Graduate Faculty B.B.A. Fort Valley State College, M.P.A. Atlanta University, Ph.D. United States International University
Office: JH 213/CC 126
Phone: 304-367-4034
Engebretson, T. Jean 2008
Coordinator, Accounting Department, Professor of Accounting B.S. B.A., M.P.A. West Virginia University, D.B.A. Cleveland State University
Office: JH 102-A
Phone: 304-367-4583
Fantasia, Gina 2011
Associate Dean, Director, University Business Center, Assistant Professor of Business B.S., Fairmont State College, M.S.I.R., West Virginia University, J.D., University of Houston
Office: JH 107-A
Phone: 304-367-4732
Floyd, Janet 2014
Instructor of Management B.S. Operations Management, West Virginia University, M.B.A., West Virginia University
Office: JH 116D
Phone: 304-367-4942
Gailey, Edward D. 2007
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Graduate Faculty B.S.E., Cleveland State University, M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University, D.B.A., Cleveland State University
Office: JH 116-C
Phone: 304-367-4889
Giorcelli, Rebecca 2005
Associate Dean, Director of Assessment, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Graduate Faculty B.S., M.S., Ph.D. West Virginia University
Office: ET 201-B and 111 JH
Phone: 304-367-4724
Godfrey, Amy F. 2012
Assistant Professor of Economics B.S. West Virginia University, M.A. West Virginia University, Ph.D. West Virginia University
Office: JH 116a
Phone: 304-333-3680
Harvey, Richard 1988
Dean of the School of Business, Professor of Finance/Business Law, Graduate Faculty B.M., M.B.A. West Virginia University, J.D. West Virginia University
Office: JH 111
Phone: 304-367-4395
Hinton, Gregory T. 1989
Senior Professor of Business Law A.B. Fairmont State College, J.D. West Virginia University
Office: JH 215-A
Phone: 304-367-4244
Kirby, Jack 2001
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Graduate Faculty A.B., M.S., Ed.D. West Virginia University
Office: HH 208
Phone: 304-367-4098
Kremer, Joseph 2012
Assistant Professor of Finance B.S., B.A. University of Delaware, M.B.A., University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Office: JH 116b
Phone: 304-367-4744
Muto, Leisa 2014
Assistant Professor of Accounting B.S.B.A., M.P.A. West Virginia University, M.A. Marshall University
Office: 102c JH
Phone: 304-367-4760
Oxley, Timothy 2008
Interim Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Associate Professor of Business, Graduate Faculty B.S. Concord University, M.S., Ed.S., Ed.D. Marshall University
Office: HH 223
Phone: 304-367-4646
Surendran, Sunil 1994
MBA Program Director, Professor of Marketing/Management, Graduate Faculty B.S., M.B.A. Gujarat University, Ph.D. Kent State University
Office: JH 206-G
Phone: 304-367-4404
Weaver, Robert 1988
Coordinator of Management and Marketing Department, Associate Professor of Management/Marketing B.S. Fairmont State College, M.P.A. West Virginia University
Office: JH 206-H
Phone: 304-367-4115


Contact Information

Dr. Richard Harvey, Dean
School of Business
Room 111A Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4395
FAX: 304.367.4613