Van, West Virginia
High School: 
Van High School
Why Attend?: 

The reasons I chose to attend Fairmont State is most importantly it offered my designated field of study, Architecture. Second, the professors and curriculum seemed most like that of my high school. The school seemed like it was involved in many new and different things I believed would hel to better me as a student. Finally, it was far enough away from home to get the college expereince, yet inviting enough to become a second home.

Most Surprised: 

What has most surprised me since arriving at Fairmont is how friendly and helpful the students and faculty are to the freshmen. On move in day people were waiting to lend a hand, and to show you where you needed to go for class.


My experience so far in the Honors Program has been exceptional. I am honored to be involved in such a prestige program at Fairmont. Everyone seems to be involved and cooperate to make the Honors community run so effectively. I believe it was a wise choice to be a part of the Honors Program.


Some advice I would give to high school seniors beginning the college process is first find out what you enjoy and what are your skills. Then decide what you can do based on that information. After that it's like finding a pair of shoes, try out different colleges until you find the one that you like best and that fits. Most importantly, you can't be afraid of what college is about, you just have to along for the ride.

Difference between courses: 

I do notice differences between my high school courses and my Honors courses. In high school it was all about the work, the projects, and not any discussion. My Honors courses require discussion and focus on how we think on different levels which I enjoy more than doing hours of worksheets.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260