Fairmont, West Virginia
High School: 
North Marion High School
Why Attend?: 

My reasons for choosing Fairmont State over other colleges all revolve around finances. At the time of my application I wasn’t sure that I would get any financial aid,  and thus chose the cheapest school. I am happy to announce that I am very pleased with Fairmont State as a school, and also am pleased with the aid that I ended up receiving.

Most Surprised: 

The thing that most surprised me about college was that in a nutshell it is all of the good parts of high school without the requirement of being in school all day. This was shocking after every teacher told me that college was going to be insanely hard.


So far my experience in the honor program has been quite limited. I haven’t been able to attend any activities such as the honors luau, but hope to in the future. The best part of the honors program in my current experience is the extra help that you get. The classes are much smaller, and thus you get much more one on one time with your teachers. Also Dr. Baker is very helpful to all the students and I have found him to be willing to help in any way he can.


My advice to any high school senior trying to pick a college is to keep financial aid in mind and find out how much money things will cost you. Also go to a small college first and if you thrive there go to a bigger one the next year.

Difference between courses: 

In my honors courses the only huge difference between college and high school courses is the online tool called blackboard. I find that some teachers use it excessively, and it can become a bit much to deal with when you have to check it constantly. Other than that the classes seem a bit harder if any when compared to high school courses.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260