Fairmont, West Virginia
High School: 
North Marion High School
Why Attend?: 

I chose to attend Fairmont for a few reasons. First of all, I have been in Fairmont all of my life, and most of my family is here. At this age I am still dependent on my parents for certain needs, so it is nice to live near them and have a chance to gradually grow in to an independent adult. Also, Fairmont’s campus is small, convenient, and really quite charming. Finally, I originally went to college to take classes in civil engineering, and the civil program at Fairmont State University appealed to me.

Most Surprised: 

 I thought that going to Fairmont State would be like going to high school all over again, but I was very wrong. I still see other people that I know from high school, but over the past year, I have met so many incredible and unique individuals. Also, there is always something to do or in which to be involved. I didn’t expect such a variety of interests to be expressed on a smaller campus like Fairmont’s.


So far, the Honors Program has been a great experience for me. I love that I have the opportunity to meet and have classes with new people who have the similar goals and value their education to the extent that I do. Honors students really put forth an extra effort to succeed, and the energy is motivating for me.


There are many things that should be taken into account when choosing a college. I think that the most important thing is going to a college that offers courses in the field that you wholeheartedly desire to study. Too many students go to colleges simply because they are closest to home, or perhaps away from home. Going to college shouldn’t be scapegoat for anyone or anything. Going to college is a serious matter, especially because so many thousands of dollars paid toward tuition, room and board, books, etc. are involved. A student should consider the program that they want

Difference between courses: 

The only real similarity between my Honors courses and my high school courses are the small classes and low student-to-instructor ratio. Otherwise, my high school courses were not as fast-paced, organized, and in-depth as my Honors courses. The instructors of the Honors courses really challenge and expect a lot of you compared to the high school instructors.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260