Maysville, West Virginia
High School: 
Petersburg High School
Why Attend?: 

When choosing a college, I found Fairmont to have everything I was looking for along with many bonuses. The beautiful campus is a reasonable distance from my hometown, and the professors from my department that I talked to during orientation were pleasant and friendly.  Though there was not an official honors program at my high school, I was very interested in joining one in college, and I found the honors program at FSU to completely surpass my expectations. Fairmont was the perfect choice for me, because it is diverse enough to broaden my small town mindset and small enough to create a comforting community.

Most Surprised: 

The most surprising feature I found after finally arriving to Fairmont was the warm attitudes from the professors. I had listened to horror stories all through high school of college professors that didn’t care about students, but I found all of mine to be enthusiastic about student success and willing to help.


I have only been on campus for a little over a week, so I have only been to a couple Honors functions. However, I have a greatly enjoyed the small amount of time I have been involved in this group.  The Honors seminar is interesting, and being in a group like the Honors has helped me adapt to college life. I haven’t experienced much yet, but I am sincerely looking forward to the upcoming D.C. trip and other functions in the Honors Program.


The best advice I can give to an incoming college freshman would be to not settle when looking for a college. It’s very important that students go to a college that will meet their individual needs.

Difference between courses: 

I found the large amount of work outside of class and the many assignments on the internet to be the greatest differences with Honors courses and my high school classes. In high school most work was done in class, and most homework assignments were given on paper. Honors work, however, is primarily done outside of the classroom and on Blackboard.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260