Bridgeport, West Virginia
High School: 
Bridgeport High School
Why Attend?: 

I chose to attend Fairmont State for several reasons. First of all, I toured the campus and fell in love! I appreciate the fact that everything I need is at my disposal and I can walk literally anywhere on campus in ten minutes or less! The school has a convenient layout that I certainly enjoy. Also, the perfect major for me is here! I am a Health Sciences Major and a Business Minor. I have hopes of becoming an attorney and opening my own practice in the future, yet I have a passion for science, so I combined the two to ensure I will love what I am studying at school.

Most Surprised: 

Since arriving at Fairmont State, I have been pleasantly surprised! I was anxious at first to live on my own, but the Welcome Weekend Activities made it easy to meet new friends and become more comfortable on campus. That fact that my teachers sincerely care about me as an individual has also surprised me. I am not viewed as just a number or a freshman, but as Kaitlin Gates. The atmosphere here at Fairmont allows for students to benefit not only academically, but socially as well.


Thus far, I love the Honors Program and am glad I decided to join. I like that each new Honors Student is paired with a mentor to help show us around and introduce us to other students within the program. There are a plethora of events and activities planned, so I can’t wait to get involved! The Honors Program is very welcoming and is a great way to find a “family” on campus.


I would tell a high school senior who is looking for a college to make the best choice for THEM. It is not about pleasing your parents or best friend, it is about choosing a school that will prepare them to take their place in the workforce. Students need to really consider every aspect of their options and choose a school that suits them best.

Difference between courses: 

Having taken honors courses in high school, I feel as if I am prepared for college and my Honors courses at FSU. The main difference I have noticed so far is teachers on the college level expect more from their students. College brings freedom, but at the same time it brings more responsibility that may be an adjustment for some. Also, college Honors courses move at a more accelerated pace, which definitely keeps me interested and challenged.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260