Fairmont, West Virginia
High School: 
East Fairmont High School
Why Attend?: 

The reasons I chose Fairmont State were because I live at home and can drive every day. It is only approximately a 20 to 25 minute drive from home. Not only that, but I also know the campus well. I had been up here many times before college; so I was set and ready for this place. I also see many friends that I had in high school. Of course, no matter what college you go to, you are always going to make new friends.

Most Surprised: 

I have had a good bit of free time this year. In high school, students are in school for 7 to 8 straight hours. On the other hand, in college, there are hours at a time until I go back to class. Freedom is a privilege in college.


My experiences in the Honors Program have been good because everyone in the program has been friendly and fun to be around. In my honors classes, I have made many new friends. Somehow, it feels easier to interact with them than high school peers.


My advice would be, choose a college that would make you more comfortable and more at home, socially and mentally. Most kids want to attend a popular college like University of North Carolina or Princeton. It is not all about popularity. You will still acquire the same degree no matter where you go.

Difference between courses: 

Not really because I took honors classes in high school at one point, and the standards and environments are about the same. It just contains older and more mature students.

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260