Fairmont, West Virginia
High School: 
East Fairmont High School
Why Attend?: 

I've chosen Fairmont State  University for my college experience mainly due to my familiarity with the faculty. Being Fairmont, I have had the privilege to meet many of the professors in social settings and have become quite comfortable with them. Another reason leading to my choice was the small student body. Being a non-traditional student, I felt is was important for me to not get “lost in the shuffle” of an overwhelming number of fellow students.

Most Surprised: 

I can say that I have been most surprised by the friendly attitude of my fellow students. Whether they are my age or much younger, every student has made me feel at ease. While I have felt a bit self-conscious at times, this has been entirely within my own head, and not a reflection of my fellow students or any staff member.


I have found the Honors Program to be a very relaxed, intriguing experience. While at this point my main experience has been with the seminar, I have found the reading assignments to be beneficial to improving my thought process. Also, while assuming the scribe duties during our 1st seminar meeting, I found my focus greatly enhanced.


I would recommend that students in the process of choosing a college visit campuses, speak to the professors that teach the courses that are part of your major, make sure you are comfortable with both the student body and the campus size. The college you choose will become your home and will provide you with the basis for your professional life. Take your time and consider all the variables that matter to you. 

Difference between courses: 

The main difference I have experienced so far between my normal classes and Honors courses has been the expectations of the professors. While they are there to facilitate and enhance the learning experience, they do not spoon feed you the information as seems to be the norm in several of my other non Honors courses.  While it has been a very long time since I attended high school courses, I would have to say that the main difference is me. I am not the person that attended high school so long ago. That person would never have attended college, let alone felt confident enough to enroll in the Honors Program!

Contact Info

Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director
Fairmont State Honors Program
Room 311 Jaynes Hall
Phone: 304.367.4260