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  • My history with Ireland

I am part only part Irish but everything about Ireland is fascinating to me. When we were little, we all had to pick a country to become familiar with. I chose Ireland because there was a paint splotch on my wall that was a similar shape to the shape of Ireland. I grew to love all of the aspects of Ireland and its culture.

Honors Association

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Honors Association

The Honors Association's goal is to promote and support the Honors Program at Fairmont State. The Honors Association gives students a forum to express opinions regarding future Honors classes, field trips, and other extracurricular activities. In addition to monthly meetings, a luncheon is held for the Honors Association once each semester.


Group A Project Site

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Group A Project Site

Work on your project here. You can keep all of your text here. Use the discussion page for discussion about the project. Save this page for text.

We are better than Nick.

Democratic Candidate Statements

Shasta ---

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Republican Candidate Statements - - Please cite your sources.