Travel Information

Packing/Travel Reminders



  • Airline tickets – Tickets & passport, tickets & passport – double-check! Don’t pack in luggage!


  • Alarm clock – Remember: We must be up, packed, and ready to go each day. (See “Time.”)


  • Bottled water – You may buy bottled water after you pass security check points for the plane and for the first day of our arrival.


  • Camera – Do not wait for the trip to learn how your camera works (use films or memory cards, turn flash off for museums, etc.)


  • Chewing gum/”Ear Planes” – Do you have ear problems during take off, landings? Also consider your need for motion sickness pills for plan or bus.


  • Combination luggage locks – Not allowed at airports, but useful for ground travel & hotels.


  • Combination locks are recommended, as you don’t need that easy-to-lose little key.


  • Comfortable walking shoes – don’t plan to break in new shoes on the trip. Also, it’s useful to bring an extra pair in case you get caught in a downpour.


  • Contacts/Glasses – Extra pairs in case of loss? Saline drops to rest your eyes?


  • Credit Cards – Photocopy your cards and carry addresses of contact offices in case of loss.


  • Dollars – you will need some dollars for the U.S. airports and for expenses on the way home.


  • European voltage converter and outlet adapter – Hotels may not have hairdryers. You may have other needs for electricity, (shaver, cell phone, camcorder charger) Film/Memory cards – Camera supplies are expensive overseas and sometimes hard to find. Buy 36 shot film to save space if possible, and consider ASA 400 for museums not allowing flash.


  • Hat – For sunshade and for “bad hair” days.
  • Ipod/Walkman – Beware of getting lost in rap music and missing the interesting discussions of our Tour guides. Remember, we’re all traveling for cultural enrichment. Even worse, you may miss The time to return to the bus and have to hike it, (See, Itinerary – Consider a copy inside your luggage. If lost, someone may be able to send it on to you.
  • Jewelry – We’re entering “high theft zone.” If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t take it!


  • Light jacket – Weather may be variable – cool evenings?


  • Luggage ID tags – Make sure you have ID inside luggage as well as outside.


  • Luggage strap – Zippers break. Some carry duct tape in case both zipper & strap breaks


  • Mailing labels – Makes addressing those postcards much easier.


  • Money – Major survival issue – keep wallets in money belts, front pockets, or zipped up inside coat pockets, not in back pockets.


  • Money belt – Hang from neck inside clothing or around the waist inside shirt. Avoid fanny packs, otherwise known as “gifts to pickpockets”.


  • Necessities – Pack an extra set of necessities in your carry-on container in case your checked luggage doesn’t keep up with you.


  • Packing – If two are traveling together, you might consider splitting your necessary items between your bags. You can repack once in Europe.


  • Packing II – Remember to leave space in bag for purchases (or for that collapsible tote bag.)


  • Panoramic camera – Disposable ones work well


  • Passport – Passport & tickets, passport & tickets – double-check! Don’t pack in your luggage!


  • Passport II – Keep a photocopy of your passport (we have a copy, but keep your own just in case.)


  • Poster tube – Useful, if you want to bring home posters without wrinkles.


  • Prescriptions/Medicines in pharmacy containers – Carry with you in case your luggage is lost.


Also, do you need aspirin, cold medications, Band-Aid bandages?



  • Reading material – Remember, time passes slowly at airports and on long flights.


  • Safety pins/Sewing kits – Pack in checked luggage for emergency clothing repairs. Also large diaper pins may be useful in holding torn luggage seams.


  • Small flashlight for emergencies -


  • Sunglasses/Sunscreen
  • Time – Remember the rule: Those not joining the group on time catch up at their own expense!


  • Travel iron- Not allowed under current security rules.


  • Travel log- Record the activities and experiences of each day. Bring an extra pen.


  • Travelers Checks – Not as popular as they used to be. If using, keep a record of check numbers.


  • Travel-sized products – Required at airports for many items. Check airport limits.


  • Umbrella/Rain jacket – Another possibility is the disposable rain poncho from WalMart.


  • Upset stomach medicine – Useful after that glass of local water, (Don't drink the local water).
  • Valuables – Don’t pack anything that would break your heart to lose.


  • Watch – How old is your watch battery? (Remember, “Time”). Some travelers carry an inexpensive spare watch.


  • Wet wipes – Pack in checked luggage for that quick cleanup. How about antibacterial hand wash or lotion?


Ziploc-type plastic bags – Some travelers use the 2-gallon bags for dirty clothes. Compress & roll clothes within to save space for your purchases. Also, small bags may be used for items that may leak.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art and the Fairmont State University Department of Language and Literature will host a two-day Celebration of Issue 36 featuring nine Kestrel writers on March 31 and April 1.

Events will be located in Jaynes Hall and the Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center on the FSU campus and at the community coffeehouse, Joe ‘n Throw, 323 ½ Adams St., Fairmont.

On Friday, March 31, three day-time events are free and open to the public:

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center at Fairmont State University presented two awards at the Midwinter Gathering for the Friends of the Folklife Center on Friday, Feb. 24.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

A series of events will honor Fairmont native and “Forgotten Hero” James Show Maddox.

“This is a really inspirational story of leadership and survival and is an account of a World War II incident involving a young U.S. Navy ensign who grew up on Pittsburgh Avenue in Fairmont,” said local historian M. Raymond Alvarez, who became fascinated by Maddox’s story and has written a 50-page local history publication titled “Forgotten Hero.”

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