Counselors & Junior Counselors

The success of the Falcon Center Summer Day Camp relies heavily on the assistance of the Counselor and Junior Counselor positions. These positions will work closely with the campers and the Falcon Center administration staff to ensure a fun, safe, and successful camp.




Counselors can range from undergraduate students, graduate students or local area teachers who offer child care skills. The Counselors act as a positive role model and lead, and participate in, all the daily recreational activities.

All counselors must be 18 years old by the first day of camp. All counselors must provide all the appropriate paper work and will undergo a criminal background screening prior to hiring.




jr counselor

Junior Counselors will work closely with and under the direct supervision of the administrative staff and counselors. By becoming a Junior Counselor and working with our counselors and staff, you will learn a vast array of skills ranging from instruction, child care, and leadership.

Junior Counselors must be at least 13 years old by the first day of camp. Junior Counselors can range from local area school students looking to gain child experience or community service hours for the state of West Virginia. Specific duties can include assisting counselors with supervising and teaching recreational activities, preparing daily activities, and assisting with specific administration duties.

Junior Counselor Vision
Keeping in line with the overall vision of camp, the goal of our junior counselor program is to provide a fun summer experience for adolescents while training and raising them up to be leaders. We will strive to challenge the junior counselors to rise above expectations and learn how to serve in a very fun and positive environment.

Your Role as a Junior Counselor
The role of each junior counselor is to support the mission and goals of camp by assisting the counselor and staff. We expect ALL our camp leaders to be positive role models for campers in all matters of attitude and behavior. This means our junior counselors are expected to uphold the rules expected of campers and full time staff members. We do not permit the use of cell phones or other electronic devices in the presence of campers. A junior counselor complements the program in that they assist the staff in daily activities throughout the day. Junior Counselors must act as a responsible role model for campers at all times as well as demonstrate respect for our full time staff members and parents of our campers.

Jr Counselor Food Program
Due to the overwhelming popularity and success of the Jr. Counselor program, we have found it necessary to create an optional meal program to cover the weekly cost of food. By selecting this program, the Jr. Counselor will receive lunch, juice and snack for the entire week.  The cost of the program is $30 per week, per child. Enrollment is not mandatory, but those Jr Counselors not participating will need to provide their own snack and lunch each day.

Each Jr. Counselor will also need to be registered into the Fusion site whether they participate in the food program or not.  If you choose not to participate, your check out cart will show the balance of zero dollars.  Please register the Jr Counselor for each session attending.   

To register:
1. Go to:
2. Select “Summer 2016”
3. Select Jr Counselor Program
4. Then select & register for each week attending
5. Then “checkout”


  1. junior counselor2Step 1:  Complete the Junior Counselor Application by clicking here. The Jr Counselor Program is now full for all eight weeks and will no longer be accepting applications. If you have already registered, please make sure you complete steps 2,3 & 4 below.
  2. Step 2:  Complete the same medical form campers use.  Complete Medical Form by clicking here.
  3. Step 3:  Register your preference for the weekly Jr Counseor food program by clicking here. 
  4. Step 4:  Attend the Jr Counselor Training meeting on Thursday June 2nd at 5:30pm in the Falcon Center conference rooms.



To be considered for the Junior Counselor position, please have all documents submitted by May 20th.




If you wish to apply for a counselor position, please contact:

Kevin Philyaw