12_17_03 Minutes

Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2003


PRESENT:     Diana Phillips, President; Harriet Bowers, Jennifer Weist, Barbara Phillips, Ann Lester, Louella Rennie, Cindy Smith, Beverly Jones, Sandy Shriver, ACCE Representative, and Joyce Rose


TRAINING FOR STAFF DEVELOPMENT:   Sarah Hensley has asked for a >Wish List= of our top five >high priority= areas that we would like to work on.  Diana Phillips has suggested that supervisors encourage their staff to attend these training seminars and to excuse them from work.

                  What is available under training issues (Banner) vs. Staff Development?

                   Several are not comfortable with Banner - cannot access needs as in Morris.

                   Diana Phillips will ask Sarah Hensley what is available and what has been offered in the past (including to faculty) at FSC, including what >outside= seminars have been purchased in the past, and any feedback on those.

                   Some suggested topics were: Banner training, Budget training, supervision skills, office stress, and office morale.  

                   Should this be a campus-focus issue to get a better response?


BOARD OF GOVERNORS:    Will meet February 12, 2:30 pm, 219 HB.

                   Dr. Bradley has asked that Classified Staff attend this meeting, as it is now required they meet with us one time per year.

                   We need to make a presentation to them concerning our needs.   Any suggestions should be forwarded to Diana Phillips.

                   Sandy Shriver has a suggestion list for this and Diana Phillips will forward this to the council.  Our new Vice President will conduct the meeting for this presentation (rather than Diana Phillips as she is on the BOG and is President of the council).  This will be finalized in our January meeting.

                   Sarah Hensley and Dr. Bradley will receive an agenda before the meeting.  

                   If state code requires BOG to meet with staff, this should be at a separate meeting that does not have a time-limit to speak or that takes away from other issues of their regular meeting.   Other concerns, such as meeting with the BOG with other administrative officials are included.   Does the BOG know they can meet with the council separately?  Will there be a good attendance of Classified if we meet at their regular meeting? 

                   This will be our only opportunity to voice any concerns.   Although a brief report is given at their monthly meetings, this will be our only opportunity to have dialogue with the complete board.  How do other campus= meet with their BOG’s?

                   Our first meeting needs to be an educational process and to show a strong presence.

                   Do we need to have an institutional bumping policy?  Or do we have one?  References now refer to the state code bumping policy.  Some of this is based on interpretation.


NEW VICE PRESIDENT:   Jennifer Weist was elected as the new Vice President for the Classified Council.   She is the first CC Vice President.

ROGER ROUSSEAU MEMORIAL:    A memorial service was held on December 12th.  Jennifer Weist did attend and spoke at the service.  A tree is to be planted as a memorial.  Also, material was given out by Mort Gamble regarding the scholarship which is to be endowed in Roger=s memory.   Ten thousand dollars is needed to endow this and Mort will be soliciting for this.

                   Encourage others to donate to this available option and to send in our own donations.


CAPITOL CAMPAIGN:   Diana Phillips spoke with Aaron Ryan concerning the campaign and would like volunteers from the classified staff - for training sessions, to assist in small group presentations, to solicit and help make phone calls, at least five people from Classified.  He is planning an information luncheon training session on January 27th.

                   Please email Diana Phillips if you are able to help and also the name of one other person you have asked to volunteer. 


CAMPUS SECURITY COMMITTEE:   Joyce Rose is on the committee.   They met last Friday from 9 until 2.  They spent the day breaking down each job they expect security to do, the times their jobs are done, and to see what type of security guard or officer needs to be there during those times.  They spent time matching the tasks with the type of person needed.    They will meet again in mid January.   They are also working on a transformation document, but hope this can be done mostly as people retire.

                   Dr. Bradley has mentioned there may be some layoffs in this area.

                   More coverage is needed - parking garage and property, and, yet, trying to cut back, while maintaining the security we have.


PROVOST SEARCH COMMITTEE:   Beverly Jones is representing Classified Staff on this committee to replace Dr. Fidura, who will be retiring in June.   This ad will be sent out this week.


BUDGET COMMITTEE:    Diana Phillips is on this committee which has been meeting two times per week.  They have finished the second round. 

                   Should part-time secretaries be removed before floating secretaries?

                   Faculty may be paid at adjunct rates for summer classes, summer >05.

                   Operating expense has had some changes.

                   This budget does not affect the non-classified.


NEXT MEETING:    Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 2:30.


ACCE UPDATE:   Sandy Shriver gave a report on the Policy Commission meeting she attended in early December in Charleston.   She gave a handout on the meeting highlights.

·        The ACCE Governmental Liaison Committee met with Governor Wise, which did not go well.   The Governor has withdrawn his support to Classified on issues that are important to us, without giving reasons. 

·        Removing seniority language in HB 2224.

·        The Governor was not willing to discuss Series 8, although this needs to be kept uniform for staff throughout the state.  Otherwise, we will have serious problems.

·        The Governor does support merit pay, although the consequences were explained to him.

·        The Governor supports the 40-hour week.  ACCE explained to him that this would, in reality, mean a pay cut to employees.

·        The Governor stated he was given negative publicity regarding the extra holiday given.

·        Mike garrison was appointed a seat on the HEPC.  He was previously employed on the Governor’s Staff.

·        The ACCE did a presentation to the Legislative Education Subcommittee and spoke to Delegate Jerry Mezzatesta.

·        Two delegates expressed their support for removing the seniority language in HB 2224, Delegates Sobonya and Poling.   Senator Plymale plans to introduce this bill first to remove the language.

·        The ACCE Legislative Brochure has been finalized and is in the process of printing.   Sandy plans to send these to the FSC campus.

·        PEIA issues were discussed, such as transferring to a spouse’s insurance, and losing accumulated sick days.   Other issues were discussed, such as with Medicare.

·        CS Council language in HB 2224.

·        The new link will be www.wvacce.org in January.   This is the ACCE’s own purchased web site.


Future Issues:


·        A proposal to increase the number of non-classified employees per institution.

·        The C & TC’s having their own HEPC-like structure.

·        Series 8 – revision.


HEPC Meeting Highlights:


·        Mr. Hoblitzell commented that he is against across-the-board raises in salary, considering our present budget situation.

·        Presentation to the HEPC on the Central Office’s Merit Pay System

·        A list of Part-Time and Total Faculty & Classified Staff, per WV Institution, for Fall 2002, although all contracted part-time are not included.


These issues need to be stressed to staff, why we want what we want, and why we need to contact the legislators. 


·        Legislative meetings on campus?     Are any currently held on campus?  I it legal?  Can we invite legislators to meetings?

·        Can we suggest that a staff development workshop be held on the Legislature and Legislative Process?

·        Where do our legislators stand on the issues related to higher education?

·        Classified staff needs to stand united with the institution and show that we also support to more higher education budget cuts.


Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869