12_15_04 Minutes


FSU Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2004

219 Hardway Hall



PRESENT:   Diana Phillips, Beverly Jones, Ann Lester, Harriet Bower, Joyce Rose.


Classified Council Election:    Election procedures were discussed and whether to make changes in the procedures.  


Parking:   Who should be charged for parking, including visitors and those attending public performances, plays, and Kelly Service employees.   Employees are be charged for plays next year.


Positions:  Discussion relating to Classified vs. Nonclassified, including housekeepers, what is the rationale for each.  Who was given pay increases during Banner training?  


Should employee salaries be reviewed?


Budget Cuts:   The President has said we will need a one million dollar budget cut for next year.  He has asked for input on where to make the cuts.  He plans to meet with several groups at FSU for ideas.


Concerns Were:

            - If layoffs occur, the work will go to others

            - Should we have a hiring freeze

            - Should there be a freeze on outsourcing and consulting

            - Should the President let each department decide where to cut X dollars

            - Cut hospitality


Billing Errors:   There has been errors in student billings


Recreation Center:    The new center should be open in January, cost for employees is $360 per year.




Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869