11_18_03 Minutes

Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2003



PRESENT:     Diana Phillips, President; Harriet Bowers, Beverly Jones, Jennifer Weist, Cindy Smith, Steve Leach, Heather Shumate, Louella Rennie, and Sandy Shriver, ACCE Representative.


Guests: President Dan Bradley and Aaron Ryan from the Foundation


President Bradley discussed Budget cuts, campus construction and the Parking Garage:

            -PEIA has been budgeted next year for increases of $ 250,000 to 275,000 at FSC.

Mid-year budget cuts may be 1.5 percent this year, last year was 3 percent.  This is in addition to current budget cuts.  This will probably come from the Operating Budget, which will not have an impact on staff.   Last year this difference came from cutting the 1,039 employees by 10 percent and operating budgets by 10 percent.

-Budget Committee has had its first round of meetings and various scenarios are being considered.  As of now, the impact on staff is minimal.


POLICE DEPARTMENT will lose some people and have been told.   The feeling is we need more security and less policing.   Legislature had changed this to more policing years ago. Criminal Justice students will become more involved in this.  Parking enforcement will decrease with the parking garage, IDs will be used with the gated parking. 


PARKING GARAGE is scheduled to be opened in January with limited parking available. The construction is going well but there have been some power problems.

-A road from the Feaster Center to Bryant Street should open soon.

-Parking in front of Hardway will be gone when garage opens, in order to enter and exit.

-Daily parking is 50 cents per day and is charged to the organization in charge of the


-Visitors to Admissions do not pay as Admissions have purchased three parking places. 

-The President has talked to the Chancellor about going to a system of charging everyone for parking.  The advantage to this is being able to charge for full-time or part-time.  Now, it is optional to purchase a decal.  Students may be able to pay in proportion to the number of credits taken.  For employees, 1039s would be charged half the rate.  If teaching one course, the charge would be 25 percent of rate.  We can only do this if we charge everyone.


ALLADIN SERVICES:   Their contract states they provide all food services on campus.

-Changes in Alladin Services include cut-backs to six employees from 12-month to 9-month, because work is slower in the summer.  They were given 18-month notices.  They will still have benefits, but benefits and salaries will be cut 25 percent.   President Bradley said they will be given the first opportunity to work summer hours in the Food Services area if extra employees are needed.  They may work in other areas on campus in the summer if they meet minimum qualifications.


SUMMER SCHOOL:   There will also be budget cuts on the four-year side.  There will be changes in the compensation of faculty for summer school. 


TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT:   It is cheaper to rent a vehicle than use a personal vehicle, if reimbursement is dropped from 36 cents to 25 cents/mile.  This should save $20,000 a year.  President Bradley said we should use campus motorpool vehicles if they are available since we are paying for them.  If none is available, then we should rent a vehicle from Enterprise.


FOUNDATION:   Aaron Ryan, Associate Director, spoke about the five-year Capitol Campaign.  The Foundation now raises one million per year, and the campaign is a plan to raise an additional ten million in five years.  This money will fund student access, student success, program enhancement (faculty development and training), and community outreach. A consultant has been hired for this.   Pledge forms will be mailed out soon.  He encouraged all to participate by contributing any amount. 


Contributions can also be donated directly to the Classified Staff Scholarship Fund.  Aaron would like to discuss this further in the near future.   By donating to the college, this also helps our scholarship fund.  Payroll deductions can also be arranged for the scholarship fund.


STAFF DEVELOPMENT TRAINING:    Steve Leach said Sarah Hensley plans to work with Dale Bradley=s office, Economic Development, to utilize the in-house training modules that are already available.


RECLASSIFICATION:   Much discussion developed regarding a Switchboard Operator who was gradually reclassified from a paygrade 10 to a 14 with the current title of Executive Secretary.  Steve Leach said additional duties had been added to her job, but she was still doing the duties of the Operator.  The position had been posted when it was originally vacated and interviews were conducted.  Steve said it was decided to not fill the position at that time due to budget constraints.  Several questions were asked as to whether this position should have been posted again and the most senior qualified employee hired for the position.  It was decided to table the discussion for a future meeting.    


FLOATING SECRETARIES:    Dr. Fidura proposed that Academic Affairs float one staff person from each academic office that has 2 or more staff to other areas during the summer.  This will only affect Academic Affairs and not the Administrative Offices.   There is concern of layoffs in the summer. 

Dr. Bradley feels this should be looked at as professional development and this could be a way for secretaries in the schools to move up.  By learning new skills, they would be qualified if position openings occur in those areas in the future. 

Most felt that this does not >set= well with the employees affected.  They feel they did not have input prior to the decision.  They were just informed that it would happen.

Should full-time staff be moved in the summer when we still have part-time and temporary employees?

Other questions were: how will this affect PIQs, how will we be trained, and who will cover the academic offices when the remaining employee is out sick or on vacation?


ROGER ROUSSEAU MEMORIAL:    Diana Phillips reminded the council of the Memorial on December 12th for Roger Rousseau. 

-We have been asked by Blair Montgomery if we want to help sponsor a scholarship fund in his Roger=s name.  We will decide at the next meeting on how we can do this.




EMPLOYEE OF YEAR LUNCHEON:   Diana Phillips said the dinner went very well and all help was greatly appreciated.   No complaints were heard other the price of $ 9.25 for the dinner. The President said to talk to him or Sarah Hensley before the next Awards Luncheon about other food options. 


ACCE REPORT:   Sandy Shriver gave an update.

                   Goals for the Legislature

                   Changes in the seniority language in HB 2224

                   Series 8, taking back as Legislative Rule vs. Policy

                   HEPC=s staff evaluation form used recently appears to be a Merit Pay Policy for Classified Staff

                   Does FSC have a C&TC staff rep on our present CC Board of Advisors? (Jen Weist will check)

                   Percentage of Allowable Non-Classified Staff is almost to limit

                   State Budget Situation


NEXT MEETING:   Next meeting will be on December 18th at 2:30.   We will vote for a Vice-President of Classified Staff. 



Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869