11_17_04 Minutes


FSU Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2004

219 Hardway Hall


PRESENT:   Beverly Jones, Ann Lester, Sandy Shriver, Harriet Bower.


CLASSIFIED STAFF LUNCHEON:  The Classified Staff Luncheon was held on Monday, October 25th in the Turley Center Ballroom.    Attendance was very good.   Sandy Shriver was elected Employee of the Year.    Other nominees were Dalene Horner, Eugene Morris, Annette Schorr, and Debby Rogers.


Sandy Shriver reported that some felt we should consider all nominators, not just the first submitted.   Also, should the person who nominates speak at the luncheon?  The Council felt it would be best not to have the nominator speak.


NEW VICE PRESIDENT:   Jennifer Weist has gone to the Community College Classified Council, a new Vice President needs to be elected.   The Council felt it best to vote on this when we have more in attendance.


CLASSIFIED STAFF ATTENDANCE:   The Council discussed attendance at the monthly meetings and ideas to improve attendance, particularly since we now have the C&TC Council.  Some feel morale on campus is down.    Other ideas were to send an agenda, or have an open house (before elections), or do an end-of-year report.   Email reminders have been sent out for meeting dates and times.


The Council discussed doing a joint newsletter with the 2-year CS Council includes the scholarships given, the employee awards, the legislative aspect of the Classified Staff, and include meeting dates.  We need more members with ideas to be more effective.   Minutes are no longer printed and distributed.   They are posted on the Web at www.fairmontstate.edu/facstaffresources/classified_staff/minutes.asp.


ACCE REPORT:   Sandy Shriver gave a report of last month’s ACCE meeting in Charleston.    A presentation was given to the joint meeting of the Policy Commission and the C&TC Council.   Some issues were the Personnel Rule and salary schedule.   Salaries are behind market and are inconsistent between institutions.   Many institutions gave raises in the 04-05 fiscal year, although the beginning date of the increases were not consistent across the state.    The Personnel Rule and the salary schedule will be revised by a special committee and then presented to LOCEA (Legislative Oversight commission on Education Accountability) next year for approval. 


A mandate that all new hires from July 1, 2004 are to be at least at the zero step on the salary schedule.  Also mandated was that all classified staff employees are to be at the zero step by July 1, 2005.  Now some new hires are at a higher salary than some senior employees. 


At the last HEPC meeting the Chancellor of the Commission suggested that if funding for the salary schedule is not possible, then either have it mandated or revised.


ELECTION IN APRIL:    The election will be in April for the Classified Staff Council President and members, and also the staff representative positions.   The ACCE representative and BOG representative has been elected at the same time in the past.   Sandy suggested that the CS Council think about holding two separate elections for these positions, then, he/she could still be nominated for the other position.   The WV State Code states the elections will be held at the direction of the institutional CS Council.    The election process has always been overseen by Human Resources at FairmontState.    Other campuses hold a general meeting, ask for nominations, and vote at the same time. 


Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869