09_01_04 Minutes

Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2004

323 Education Building



PRESENT:   Diana Phillips, Beverly Jones, Harriet Bowers, Sandy Shriver and Ann Lester.


The Classified Staff Council met to discuss electing a new Vice President and to begin planning the Employee of the Year Luncheon.  The council did not meet in July.


MEETING TIME CHANGE:   Due to several council members not able to meet on Thursday afternoons, our meeting time has been changed, for this fall semester only, to the third Wednesday of each month.  Diana will have this changed on the website and will notify us of the location. 


C & TC Classified Council:    Jennifer Weist and the new C & TC Classified Staff Council met recently with 13 people attending.  The new council has decided to hold their meetings separate from the 4-year Council and plan to meet on the third Thursday of each month.


EMPLOYEE OF YEAR LUNCHEON:  Monday, October 25th is the scheduled date for the Classified Staff Employee of the Year Luncheon.  Several workshop dates will be set up with Jennifer Weist and the C & TC Council to work on the luncheon.  Diana will check on getting lunch tickets for a lower price than last year.


COUNCIL ELECTION:   Diana has notified Steve Leach in HR that we now have a shortage on the council since losing Jennifer to C & TC.  Sandy Shriver said we may be able to change the process of the election. 


Diana will check on electing a new VP through an email process.


ACCE:   Sandy Shriver gave an update on the last ACCE Meeting of August 29th in Charleston.  She discussed concerns from Dennis Taylor, the new Vice Chancellor for Administration.  He has been learning about Classified Staff.  He has concerns about the Personnel Policy Commission and plans to give a presentation at their October meeting.


Annette Schorr is the liaison for the ACCE and attended the meeting.  Also included at the meeting were Classified Staff Council representatives, Board of Governor Representatives, and ACCE representatives.


PAY RAISES:  There has been no word yet from President Bradley whether we will be getting raises in October as had been considered.



Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869