05_19_04 Minutes

Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2004

309 Education Building



PRESENT:  Diana Phillips, Jennifer Weist, Beverly Jones, Ann Lester, Sandy Shriver, Harriet Bowers, Heather Shumate, Presidents Dan Bradley and Blair Montgomery.


President Bradley discussed the separation of the Community College and felt it would be okay to function as one Classified Staff Council most of the time although the C & TC has separated from the four-year institution.


President Bradley stated we are under a mandate to get the zero step, which would take $100,000 to bring everyone up to zero step, which means almost 70 people are below zero step, about one-third of the employees.  He hopes to give raises in the fall if all goes well. A three and one-half percent pool would take about two-thirds of the money for this group of employees. The money for this comes from our taxes and students, and there will be no layoffs to cover this.


President Bradley discussed the Legislature and how we all need to become more proficient at doing our jobs as all our jobs become more complex as we become a University. The number of jobs at the 6, 8, and 10 level will decrease as the number of jobs at the 12, 14, and 16 level increase, which means more skills and better training.


The President discussed State budget issues, including unemployment, revenues, early retirements, Medicaid and other issues that affect us.


ONE STOP SHOP:  President Bradley has talked with the secretaries who have been reassigned to this for the summer and said they have a good feeling about this. He asked that if anyone sees any problems with this adjustment, please let him know.


  • Plans are currently being made for remodeling in the Admissions area.
  • Financial Aid will move into where the Business Office is now, although Accounts Receivable will stay.
  • Business Office in moving into the Advising Center on third floor.
  • Registrar’s Office will move into the Recruiting and Admissions area.
  • Advising Center will be moving into the Registrar’s area.
  • There will be a glass door across Hardway Hall (between Admissions and Business Office) to form a lobby.  The Service Desk for the One-Stop will be just inside the door.
  • Students will be helped at the Service Desk. If they cannot be helped at the desk, they will be connected with whomever they may need to see.
  • August 1st is the expected date for completion of the set-up for the One-Stop-Shop.


Ann Lester asked where Career Services future location would be and Dr. Bradley said that they are looking at taking half of 219HB for Career Services.  That they would be next to the advising center.  Blair Montgomery mentioned that some space would have to left for a conference room. Other moves will include the Fireside Room becoming overflow space for the Dining Hall.  The Advising Center is currently there temporarily.  Office moves include Dr. Fidura moving to Dr. Burns office, Dr. Burns moving to Dale Bradley’s office.


COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Community College is in the process of renting space in downtown Fairmont for the Workforce Development. This will be on the first floor of Veteran’s Square. Fairmont State will no longer rent space from the High Tech Consortium. The SBDC will also be located in Veteran’s Square. This facility will also do other training.


CLASSIFIED ADVISING POSITIONS:  Sixty people, including adjuncts, applied for these three positions. Thirteen were interviewed. Four were hired and more position will be advertised.  The President hopes these new advising staff can help graduation and retention rates.


MOVES TO CLASSIFIED:  One person has been moved back to Classified status for Banner purposes. Some Staff had been moved into temporary Non-classified positions, basically to give them a bonus. The Banner transition is basically over, except for HR.


NEW PHONE SYSTEM:  The President said we are getting a new phone system which will begin in July. There will be some announcements that answer frequently asked questions by students. They can then remain on-hold if needed to have other questions answered. The cost for this was not discussed.


PARKING GARAGE: The staircase is almost completed. The entrance will be from Bryant Street and the exit will be in the front, onto Locust Av. The biggest problem currently is the Highway Department said they cannot fix the street light. 


The work is close to the One-Room school and a retainer wall is going in. This may give more attention to the school.


CLASSIFIED STAFF SCHOLARSHIPS:  Diana Phillips sent out applications for the scholarship and are due back today. We awarded two scholarships last year, for $250 each, as we will do this year.


RAFFLE FOR PARKING PASSES:  Rick Porto has offered to give us one parking pass if we buy two, to make money for our scholarship fund. We will use money in our foundation account to purchase the two passes, $140 each. The balance in our fund is $2,571.


Raffle tickets will be made next week for council members to sell. Tickets will sell for 6/$5 or 1/$1.  Drawing will be done on June 22nd.


COMMUNITY COLLEGE FEE WAVIERS: President Montgomery mentioned that the C & TC has several fee waivers for part-time students, ages 25-40, to help them come back to school.


GRADUATE SCHOOL FEE WAIVER:  President Bradley said we should ultimately be able to do that here at Fairmont State as is done through WVU.


TRAINING FOR CLASSIFIED STAFF:  Steve Leach returned a list of training available to staff through FSU. Some topics include: Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, and Communication. This will be scheduled at multiple times.



President Montgomery said there are over 3,000 training topics already developed and available on your computer desktop.  There is a catalog for this but not yet on the web. Contact Mike Ross at the center for information. The cost is minimal.


LEGISLATORS INVITED TO CAMPUS:  President Bradley said this would be okay to invites delegates or candidates to campus as long as we invite everyone, whether they attend or not is their choice.


NEW PROVOST- DR. ANNE PATTERSON:  Dr. Patterson will begin in July. She has an email at Anne.Patterson@fairmontstate.edu.   Classified Staff also welcomes her to meet with us anytime.


BOARD OF GOVENORS AAS COMPLETION DEGREE:   President Montgomery said this new degree starts immediately. No advisor has been assigned yet. The portfolio evaluation will count toward the Board of Regents BS degree.


FAIRMONT STATE EMAIL:  Our domain will be changing soon to Fairmont State. The old email will continue for a long time, user names will remain the same.


COMMITTEE will be planned later for our luncheon. In July we will have elections and you will know who your committee will be. We will meet jointly so we are all involved.


CAPITOL CAMPAIGN:  Diana will check with the foundation to see how much money has gone to Classified Staff.


Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 17th.







Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869