02_17_05 Minutes




FSU Classified Staff Council

February 17, 2005

303 Education Building


PRESENT:   Diana Phillips, Sandy Shriver, Ann Lester, Beverly Jones

From the C & TC Classified Staff Council was Jennifer Weist and Brenda Davis


SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISER:    Plans are being made to raffle tickets for three parking passes, as we did last year.   Rick Porto will again be asked to donate one parking pass and the council will purchase two passes.  Plans are to do this in March and April.


HIGHER ED DAY:   FairmontState would like to send two classified staff employees to Charleston on March 16th for Higher Ed Day.   Last year Diana Phillips attended with several others.   ACCE meets the same day in Charleston.


AFT MEETINGON CAMPUS:    Bob Morgenstern, Director of the Higher Ed Division of AFT-West Virginia, will be on campus for an informational meeting on Monday, March 28th, in MMA at 4 pm.  Offices are in Charleston and Morgantown.   All Classified Staff are invited to come and listen.


LEGISLATURE BREAKFAST:   There will be a legislature breakfast on March 5, which is free to all chamber members.  Contact Sarah Hensley if interested, this is open to Classified Council members.


NON-CLASSIFIED:   Trends for Non-Classified employees was discussed and how this is defined. 


BOARD OF GOVERNORS REPORT:    Jennifer Weist will give a C&TC Classified Report to the BOG.   Jennifer and Beverly Jones will coordinate this report from the two councils, to avoid duplicity, as the two councils do not usually have separate issues.


BOARD OF GOVERNORS CLASSIFIED STAFF SEAT:   Discussion was held about the Classified Staff seat on the BOG and elections for that position.  It is believed that the position is open to both C & TC and University classified staff employees.


ACCE REPORT:  Sandy Shriver gave an ACCE update.   Issues discussed included the Series 8 revision.   Info is available on the HEPC website. 

Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869