01_15_04 Minutes

Classified Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2004

309 Education Building



PRESENT:   Diana Phillips, Jennifer Weist, Beverly Jones, Harriet Bowers, Ann Lester, Barbara Phillips, and Dennis Mitchell.


BOARD OF GOVERNORS:   President Bradley has asked that Classified Staff meet with the BOG on February 12th.  The BOG’s are required to meet with the council at least once a year.


The Council decided to call a special on January 28th to plan a presentation of our concerns to the Board.    Jennifer Weist will talk to Steve Leach and Rick Porto beforehand for information.


Topics of discussion for today were:

·         The One-Stop Shop

·         Floating of secretaries during the summer

·         Classified Positions – new and unfilled

·          Merit Pay for Classified Staff


Classified will meet next month on February 19, 2004.

Contact Info

Rosetta Kolar
FSU Classified Staff Council Chair
Engineering Technology, Room 302
Phone: (304) 367-4869