WVSTA 2016 Share-a-thon Resources

After seeing all the wonderful resources at the WVSTA 2016 Share-a-thon you probably want to get your hands on them! Here are links to download those resources. They are organized into high and middle school and then by standard.


Middle School      
CSO Title Author Files
S.5.GS.12 & S.5.GS.12 Earth's place in the universe Alicia Haugen  
S.6.LS.6 Rocks & Minerals/Rock Cycle Mary Dolan

Rock Cycle

Rock & Mineral ID

Rock & Mineral ID 1

Rock & Mineral ID Key

S.6.ESS.7 Earthquakes and Volcanoes Greg Page Powerpoint Outline
S.7.ESS.1 & S.7.ESS.2 Plate Tectonics Christina Sterck PT Lessons
S.7.ESS.1 Water cycle Daniel Hodges & Amanda Hevener

Getting to know the Water Cycle

Portable Word Wall

The Water Cycle LP

The Water Cycle pre & post test

S.7.ESS.5 FOSS Earth History Carolyn Hizer Plate Models
S.8.PS.2, S.6-8.L.3, & S.8.ESS.1 Interactive Science Notebooks Jessie Butcher & Davita Melander Notebooks Lesson
High School      
S.9.ESS.1 Kinesthetic Evolution Chloe Bland & Michael Stover Kinesthetic Lesson
S.9.ESS.2 Composition of the matter in the universe Angela Hollida & Peggy Moore Composition Lesson
S.9.ESS.5 FOSS Earth History Carolyn Hizer Plate Models
S.9.ESS.7 Mineral Identification Lorrie Mottesheard Mineral ID lab
S.9.ESS.8 Topographic Map Deb Martin Topographic Map lab
S.9.ESS.9 Thermal Convection Mary Lou Houben

Convection Lab

Plate Tectonics

S.9.ESS.10 Properties of water Melinda Carpenter & Teresa Cogar Beaches
S.9.ESS.10 Properties of water 2 Rebecca Cooper Watershed Lab
S.9.ESS.10 Water Journal Josh Revels

Water Booklet




S.9.ESS.11 Carbon Cycle James Bunner

Carbon Cycle Journey

Carbon Cycle

S.9.ESS.11 Carbon Cycle Kim Clark & Marjorie Boyd

Carbon Move

Carbon Move Extras

S.9.ESS.13 Data Predictions  Ellen Johnson & Tamara Westfall ESS LP
S.9.ESS.13 Earth's atmosphere Andrea Carr & Ashley Chouinard


Solar Angel Lab

Thermal Energy Lab

Web Page Design

Web Page Rubric

S.9.ESS.14 Data Predictions Ellen Johnson & Tamara Westfall ESS LP
S.9.ESS.15 GIS and GPS Adam Hamrick Lesson Plan
S.9.ESS.15 Biomagnification Jessica Russler

Biomagnification DDT Slips

Biomagnification Lesson

S.9.ESS.17 GIS and GPS Adam Hamrick Lesson Plan
S.HS.ETS.1, S.HS.ETS.2, & S.9-10.L Interpreting maps James Johnson GPS Engineering
S.HS.ETS.3 GPS Commercial  Elizabeth Wasiluk

Finding the Market

Teaching Transparency

Reading A

Reading B

Potato Mountain

Topographical Map reading