Fairmont State University offers two, free afterschool programs for Marion County students! University students act as mentors or coaches working directly with the school children in either reading enrichment or mathematics tutoring programs.


FSU Reads

Fairmont State Reads is a free reading enrichment program offered by Fairmont State University. The program focuses on enhancing children’s love of reading for grades K thru 4. The sessions are presented by Fairmont State students, “mentors,” who attend an extensive training session before working with the children.


FSU Counts

Fairmont State Counts is a free math tutoring program offered to students grades 3rd thru 8th on the Fairmont State University campus. It is structured to concentrate on specific math difficulties students are experiencing and to help with math homework. The FSU Counts program is coordinated on site by a local math teacher in the public school system while Fairmont State students provide the tutoring to the county students who participate.

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