SciTech Mentoring

College of Science & Technology "MENTOR LINK" Mentoring Program

Purpose: Support and encourage incoming students in the College of Science and Technology by connecting them in mentoring relationships with successful upper class science and technology students and alumni from the same home county or region.

Overview: Started in the fall of 2006, incoming/first-year students plus sophomores just starting majors-level courses in science, math and technology were invited to sign up for the College of Science and Technology Mentor Link Program. Currently we have 20 incoming students in the program and 10 upper-class majors in the College of Science and Technology. We are working to recruit 13 science and technology alumni to serve as mentors for students from the same home counties or regions.

Mentoring relationships are developing well and mentors are enthusiastic about having additional incoming/first-year students to mentor. If you are interested in becoming part of the program, please contact us using the contact information posted to the right.

Future Plans

  • Weekly check-ins with on-campus mentors
  • Pizza lunches by department or program
  • Help discussions led by mentors
  • Informational Meetings
  • Regular contact with alumni mentors in SciTech Student and Alumni Forum in Vista
  • Hand out t-shirts during homecoming event with alumni
  • End-of-year celebration