Pamela McClung Casto

Educator Outreach Specialist
NASA IV&V Facility Educator Resource Center, 100 University Dr., Fairmont, WV 26554
B.S. Medical Technology
M.A. Secondary Education, WVU

After supervising first a Microbiology Lab then a Biochemistry Lab in hospitals, I stayed home with three children and worked on a Master’s degree in Education.  I then taught a variety of courses for 25 years (mostly Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) before beginning work as an outreach specialist for FSU at the NASA IV&V Program’s Educator Resource Center.  Thanks to FSU, NASA and the ERC staff this is an awesome job impacting over 10,000 students a year.  I also have been involved in archaeology since 2002.  I have worked with the University of Wales and York Archaeology Trust in the U.K. on Roman and Medieval sites and for various firms in the Eastern U.S. – primarily on prehistoric Native American sites.  I also serve on the Morgantown History Museum Commission and am an avid traveler.