The Geography program is a perfect minor to couple with any Fairmont State major.  Geography students will be challenged intellectually, socially and personally.


  • Analyze how people rely on their natural environments.
  • Learn how industries, transportation and trade work around the world.
  • Understand important concepts of large populations like space, construction and function.
  • Study how different cultures interact.

The geography program focuses on local, national and international climates, cultures and development.  Students will recognize and understand the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity.  Geography minors will use knowledge learned to solve different problems dealing with people and places.

Students who major in Political Science, National Security and Intelligence and Criminal Justice often choose to pursue a minor in Geography.

Career Opportunities

A Geography background is appropriate for possible careers in education, agriculture, industry, government, business, community planning and military service. 

Careers include:

  • Community planner
  • Local, state, national government
  • Climatologist
  • Transportation manager
  • National Park Service Ranger