Happy Wednesdays for your Rump - Fundraising Event

Event Date: 
Wed, 04/23/2014 (All day)

Please support your Fairmont State University Classified Staff Scholarship fund with our “Happy Wednesdays for your Rump!” for the month of April. 

What is “Happy Wednesdays for your Rump!”?

It's a chance to wake up on all Wednesdays in April and pull out your favorite jeans to wear to work and benefit a good cause for the Fairmont State University Classified Staff Scholarship Fund.

For only $10.00 you can wear your jeans for the 5 Wednesdays in April! That's only $2.00 a day to make you comfortable, fashionable and make the recipient of the scholarship appreciative.

How does “Happy Wednesdays for your Rump!” work?

FSU Classified Staff should mail or bring your check (make checks payable to FSU-Foundation) to:

Dalene Horner - Feaster Center Room 301
Rosetta Kolar - Engineering Tech Room 302
Holly Fluharty - Hardway Hall Room 305

Donations will be accepted from non-classified staff towards the scholarship fundraiser.

Dr. Maria Rose has given her approval.  Please make sure your jeans are "acceptable work attire".

Let's see how many participant names we can get on our FSU Classified Staff website.

Since 2003, your Classified Staff has awarded $17,125 in scholarships to benefit our employees and our children. 

Right now, our funds are getting low so we need your help to continue awarding these scholarships. 

Won’t you help by participating in the following “Happy Wednesdays for your Rump!” fundraiser?  Thank you for your support!


Dalene Horner



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