Hone Your Acting Skills on the Wallman Hall Stage

Jeffrey Ingman, Associate Professor of Theatre, says he believes in the verb "play." He's been involved in acting since he was 12. "I can't imagine doing anything else, and I'm grateful for every single day that I get to do this work," Ingman says. At Fairmont State, students have the opportunity to be on the Wallman Hall stage from their First semester on campus. "Every actor who starts out is essentially a diamond in the rough, and we are able to etch away some of those edges to get them ready to go," he says. The faculty in the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts are connected to professionals outside of FSU and foster students through those connections to help them meet their personal goals. "We are able to walk students through this process as actor, designer, director, as artist in a way that a lot of schools don't," Ingman says. Theatre students regularly compete in the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival and are recognized for excellence. FSU graduates are working as actors in New York and Los Angeles, and several students have started their own theatre companies in West Virginia. "Every single day I get to tell a story with young people who are exploring the human experience from a position that is not their own and watch their eyes light up as they recognize the world as a really extraordinary place," Ingman says.