Registrar’s Office

Frequently Asked Questions



Q:        How do I change my major?

A:        Student may inquire about their eligibility to change their academic major in the Turley Student Services Center.  If qualified, students may change majors based on the following deadlines:


            August 1 – Last Day to Change Majors for the Fall Term

            December 15 – Last Day to Change Majors for the Spring Term

            May 1 – Last Day to Change Majors for the Summer Term


            Students who are eligible to change their major after the deadline will have the change processed for the following term.


Q:        How do I get my transcript?


A:        A request for a transcript of credit should be made in writing and should include name, both maiden and married, the date of last attendance at Fairmont State and  your student ID number or social security number.  All requests for transcripts should be sent directly to Enrollment Services.  Students may request transcripts by downloading, printing and submitting a completed Academic Transcript Request Form.  It takes 3-5 working days to process requests.


Q:        Can my parent request my transcript?


A:        Due to Federal laws that protect student records (FERPA), we cannot release your transcript without your signature.  In addition, if you wish to pick-up your transcript we cannot give it to anyone else without your written permission.


Q:        How much do transcripts cost?


A:        While there is no change for transcripts, there is a limit of three requests per day.  Rush service is available (limit 3 per day) at a charge of $9.00 and transcripts are mailed or available for pick-up either the same day or next business day.


Q:        When can I register for my classes?


A:        In order to register for classes you must have been admitted and have an active record. Students who did not attend after they have been admitted or sit out a semester must reapply in order to become active.


            As an active student, you must contact your academic advisor to schedule your classes.  Please refer to the  Student Self-Registration Guide for details.  Please refer to the Registrar’s Calendar for registration dates for each term.


Q:        How do I find out who my advisor is?


A:        Go to FELiX in myCampus and follow these instructions:


1.      Enter your UCA username and password

3.      Click ‘I Agree’ on the Web Transaction Policy

4.      Select ‘Student and Financial Aid'

5.      Select ‘Student Records’

6.      Select ‘View Student Information’

8.      Your advisor will be listed on this page (General Student Record)

Q:        How do I get into a closed class?

A:        If you wish to enroll in a closed class, you must contact the instructor of the class to obtain permission.  The instructor can grant permission online.  You will then have to register for the class.  The instructor can also complete the Add/Override form.  Once you bring the form to the Turley Student Services Center, you will be registered for the class.


Q:        What happens when I drop a class and get a ‘W’ on my transcript?


A:        Beginning with the fall of 2006, students who drop individual classes after the allowable maximum number is reached will be charged a $50.00 fee for each course dropped.  Community College students may drop a total of 4 courses before a fee is charged.  University students may drop a total of 8 courses before a fee is charged.  Any courses dropped before the fall of 2006 will NOT be counted in the total.  The count begins with the fall of 2006 term.


Q:        When is the last day to drop without getting a ‘W’ on my transcript?


A:        You have until the end of the first week of classes for each term.  You must check the Registrar’s Calendar for the specific dates for each term as each term begins on a different day and some weeks are only 4 days long.


Q:        What is the difference between withdrawing from school and dropping a class?


A:        You withdraw from school when you want to drop all of your classes or drop your last class.  You drop classes when you want to be removed from one or more classes at a time.  You cannot drop your last class.  When you are down to one remaining class you must withdrawal from school.


Q:        What is the last day to withdrawal from school and drop a class?


A:        Each term has a last day to withdraw and last day to drop a class.  Please refer to the Registrar’s Calendar for the exact dates for each term.


Q:        How do I withdraw and drop?


A:        You must withdraw and drop online through FELiX (log into myCampus) not Web CT/Vista.  Click for specific step-by-step instructions for withdrawing and dropping classes.


Q:        How do I apply for graduation?


A:        To apply for graduation, please come to the Turley Student Services Center.  You will need to complete the graduation application, pay the graduation fee (if you already have not done so) and make an appointment for your degree audit.  Visit our graduation web page for deadlines to apply for graduation.


Q:        Where can I find information pertaining to the graduation ceremony?


A:        All the information you need is listed on the graduation web page.


Q:        When do I need to schedule a degree audit?


A:        It is important to apply early or by the deadline for graduation and to complete your degree audit appointment to make sure that you are ready to graduate.  Check the graduation web page for deadlines for degree audit appointments.  To schedule an appointment, please call (304) 367-4142 and ask for Stephanie or stop by the Turley Student Services Center, Room 317C.


Q:        Can I change my residence status to in-state after I have been in school a year?


A:        You must live in West Virginia for 12 months prior to applying for admission to Fairmont State to be considered a resident.  Once you become a student you are not eligible to become a resident.


Q:        How do I get an enrollment verification?


A:        You can do this online through FELiX from the homepage using the following directions:


  1. Go to FELiX on the homepage
  2. Enter your ‘UCA Username’ and ‘Password’
  3. Click on ‘I agree’ to continue
  4. Select ‘Student and Financial Aid’ from the ‘Main Menu’
  5. Select ‘Class Scheduling’
  6. Select ‘Enrollment Verification’
  7. Click ‘Request enrollment verification for …….’
  8. You will now be on the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Site
  9. Select ‘Obtain an enrollment certificate’ to print your enrollment verification
  10. Mail it to all appropriate places