General Studies Program - Program Review

General Studies Program Assessment Proposal

Overview of Assessment Process

Deans will be responsible for the submission of annual General Studies Assessment reports in TaskStream for each General Studies course for which their faculty are responsible.  These reports will be due by no later than September 15th of each year, starting September 15th, 2014.  The office of the Director of Assessment will confirm the completion of reports and work with the General Studies Committee to review them, following the review cycle schedule.  The review work will be completed by late spring semester, when the Director of Assessment will provide appropriate feedback to the Deans.

Standard Template for Annual Assessment Report
These subheadings will be incorporated into the upcoming changes in TaskStream as a separate tab under each course:

  • Attribute and mapping

General Studies attribute outcomes and course outcomes

  • Tools/Measures

Assignment descriptions, prompts, rubrics, etc.

  • Student Work

Exams, papers, presentation/performance videos, etc.

  • Findings

Data and evaluation of student performance

  • Action Plan

Steps to be taken to improve student performance (please note this refers to actions for improvement within the course only, not for General Studies programmatic improvement)

Review Cycle Schedule

Note: although not all sub-attributes will be reviewed each year, reports need to be filed each year for each course, regardless of the review cycle.