NO. 47


Effective August 1999

Higher education institutions periodically have opportunities to name facilities, programs, and assets in whole or in part to honor financial contributors. To maximize such giving opportunities for Fairmont State College, the following policies and guidelines have been implemented by the administration of Fairmont State College. Questions may be directed to the Fairmont State College Office of Institutional Advancement at the Erickson Alumni Center.


All facility or asset naming opportunities will be reviewed by the Fairmont State College administration in conformance to applicable standing policies of the State College System, as well as state and federal laws. Final approval of all recognition nominations and recommendations will be given by the President of the College and the State College System of West Virginia.

Nominations and suggestions for the naming of facilities and assets may come from any member of the campus community. They should be forwarded, in writing, to the Fairmont State College Contribution Recognition Committee, in care of the Office of Institutional Advancement, Erickson Alumni Center. The Executive Director for Institutional Advancement will co-chair the committee with the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Following initial research and review, nominations will be forwarded to the committee, which will consist of representatives from the following offices or areas:

Assistant to the President

President of Faculty Senate

President of the Classified Staff Council

One full-time student (to be appointed by the Student Government President)

Following review and approval of the nomination(s), the Committee will make a formal recom- mendation to the President of the College. The Committee will revise gift naming procedures and dollar amounts as needed.

In all cases, a gift naming opportunity must be identified with the name of an individual or entity that has made, or will make, a gift to Fairmont State College, the Fairmont State College Foundation, Inc., or any of its affiliates in fund raising, e.g., the Alumni Association or Lettermen's organization. The College reserves the right to decline the naming of a facility or asset, and/or to refuse any gift offered to Fairmont State College or its fund-raising affiliates.

Suggested minima are given below and must be in compliance with any applicable state programs or regulations.

Building $1.5 - 2 million or at least one-half of the cost of construction plus significant support for an endowed maintenance fund for the facility.

School or Division $1.5 - 2 million (for scholarships, program, and faculty support)

Endowed Chair $1,000,000+

Endowed Professorship $500,000

A Program Center within an

existing Building or Facility

(i.e., major athletic or arts area) $250,000+

Special Facility Area $100,000+ (gallery, lab, specially equipped lecture room, library or media collection)

Garden/Outdoor Reception

Area/Plaza/Grandstand Areas $100,000 - 150,000

Classrooms $25,000 - 50,000

Lecture Halls $100,000

Main Entrances/Gates $50,000

Lounges/Corridors/Pedestrian Malls $25,000

Offices $5,000 - 10,000

Walkways $10,000

Benches $1,000


Endowed Lecture Series $25,000+

Endowed Visiting Professor $300,000

Endowed Named Scholarship $10,000+


Gifts may be made in memory of those who are deceased or in honor of those who are living. If the latter, state guidelines will apply to current or previous Fairmont State College employees.


Events, such as golf outings and concert or lecture series, may be named for individuals, corporations, organizations, or other donors. The Office of Institutional Advancement, the President of the College, and others as assigned by the President, will set the appropriate minimum gift amount for each event to be named.