NO. 18


Revised December 1999

College buildings will be open and closed during the fall and spring semesters in accord with the following schedule. Buildings will be open during the times listed.

building weekdays friday saturday sunday

Colebank Hall 7 am--10 pm 7 am--6 pm 1--5 pm 1--5 pm

Dining Hall 7 am--6:30 pm 7 am--6:30 pm 10 am--6 pm 10 am--6 pm

Feaster Center 7 am--10 pm 7 am--6 pm Closed Closed

Gym (for walkers) 1--5 pm 1--5 pm

Pool 7:30--9:30 pm Closed 1--5 pm 1--5 pm

Racquetball Ct Noon--10 pm Noon--4 pm 1--5 pm 1--5 pm

Weight Room

Hardway Hall 7 am--11 pm 7 am--6 pm Closed Closed

Hunt-Haught Hall 7 am--11 pm Closed Closed Closed

Jaynes Hall 7 am--11 p.m. Closed Closed Closed

Library 7:30 am--10 pm 7:30 am--4 pm Noon--4 pm 1 pm--9 pm

Turley Center 7 am--10:30 pm 7 am--6 pm 11 am--6 pm 11 am--6 pm

Wallman Hall 7 am--11 pm 7 am--6 pm 1--6 pm 2--9 pm

Technology Wing 7 am--11 pm 7 am--6 pm Closed Closed

On weekdays, when college classes are not in session, buildings will be closed at 4:30 p.m.

Buildings will be open on weekends for special occasions (e.g., when testing programs are scheduled on Saturday, week-end college and other classes). Prior arrangements must be made for such openings.

Buildings may be used while closed for certain organized activities (e.g., practice sessions for athletic teams and sorority and fraternity meetings on Sundays). In the event of such activities, persons in the building must be supervised by a faculty member or college employee who will be responsible for controlling admission to the activity and for securing the area upon completion of the activity.

Faculty members may have access to their offices and work areas when buildings are closed by using their keys or contacting a campus police officer for admission. On such occasions, campus police officers may ask to see the Faculty-Staff ID Card. Faculty members who do not have keys to buildings may request them through their school chairperson.

Faculty members and other college personnel who enter and leave closed buildings are urged to be certain that doors are locked after they enter and leave. Most of the exterior doors on college buildings have locks which require that the key be returned to the original position for the door to be relocked. Failure to make this adjustment with the key leaves the door unlocked.