NO. 17


Revised December 1999

This statement regarding the responsibilities of campus police officers at Fairmont State College has been developed in light of the official opinion of the Attorney General of West Virginia regarding the powers of campus police officers issued February 13, 1976. The Attorney General, in his opinion, stated that campus police officers on premises under the jurisdiction of the State College System Board of Directors and as assigned by the President of the college shall qualify by taking the oath of office previously required of county police or deputy sheriff. In regard to offenses committed on such premises, they have the powers and authority and are subject to the responsibilities which previously pertained to county police officers. It is the duty of a campus police officer to preserve law and order on the premises to which he/she is assigned. Campus police officers must serve warrants for violations of campus vehicle regulations to persons on the campus at the request of a magistrate or municipal police judge. The officers must be residents of West Virginia.

1.0 duties of fairmont state college campus police officers

1.1 Enforce law and order in conformity with the statutes of the State of West Virginia on the campus and on other property temporarily or permanently under the jurisdiction of Fairmont State College (State College System Board of Directors). The enforcement of law and order shall include the arrest or detention of violators.

1.2 Protect persons and property on college premises.

1.3 Enforce vehicular regulations and supervise parking.

1.4 Conduct building inspections during those periods when maintenance personnel are not on duty to verify the proper functioning of mechanical and electrical systems and to watch for any hazards to persons or to the property.

1.5 Be alert for threats to safety on the campus.

1.6 Take action to ameliorate or prevent, on an immediate or emergency basis, the dangerous effects of accidental happenings on campus such as broken windows or storm damage.

1.7 Provide general assistance and direction for visitors and members of the college community.

1.8 Perform special duties as assigned from time to time by the Director of Public Safety, the Director of Facilities, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or the President of the college.

2.0 notations on the duties of campus police officers

2.1 Officers cannot be selective in the enforcement of the laws. All persons on campus, including employees, students, visitors, and guests are subject to the enforcement of all the laws.

2.2 Campus police officers have authority to make arrests but, if unarmed, do not have the capability of enforcing their arrest upon persons who resist. Persons who resist or escape arrest are subject to legal charges for doing so as well as charges which may result from the original cause of arrest.

2.3 Campus police officers have a duty to enforce law and order in conformity with the statutes of the State of West Virginia. They cannot take actions beyond those allowed for law enforcement officers.

3.0 procedures in the event of violations of law and order on campus

3.1 In the event of a violation of law and order or a threat of such, a campus police officer shall be notified. The officer shall investigate the situation. If it is suspected that a crime has been committed or additional assistance is needed, the officer shall contact the local city police. If assistance is not available from that source, the officer shall then contact the State Police Headquarters in Shinnston.

3.2 If a campus police officer cannot be located, assistance should be sought in accord with the steps outlined in section 3.1. Calls for outside assistance should be made by the most authoritative college employee available. Unnecessary calls to law enforcement agencies must be avoided because false alarms will cause them to take future calls from the college lightly.

3.3 The circumstances surrounding all calls to law enforcement agencies shall be reported to the Director of Public Safety and to the Office of the President.

3.4 Reported theft of college property shall be investigated immediately and--if confirmed--reported in writing to the Director of Facilities. In addition, the Director of Public Safety shall advise the local law enforcement agencies and West Virginia State Police identifying items stolen and circumstances, and request their assistance in recovering the stolen items.