NO. 16


November 1976

The following procedures are to be observed when a state vehicle is involved in an accident.

1. Accidents on Campus. When an accident, even a minor one, occurs on campus, a security officer shall be summoned immediately. The vehicle shall not be moved until the security officer has examined the circumstances and authorized the movement of the vehicle, except in emergency situations or to prevent or relieve injury to an individual.

2. Accidents off Campus. Accidents involving a state vehicle which occur off campus should be reported to the appropriate police authorities in the same manner as an accident involving a private vehicle.

3. All Accidents. The college employee driving a state vehicle involved in an accident must complete Department of Motor Vehicles report SBI 127 and submit it to the Director of Physical Plant within one working day following the accident. A copy of form SBI 127 is included in the packet which is issued with the keys for a vehicle. Drivers involved in an accident should endeavor to complete as much of the form as possible at the scene of the accident. In addition, the driver should obtain the names and addresses of other drivers and passengers involved in the accident, the names and addresses of any witnesses, and the name of the police officer investigating the accident.